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Custom Designs is an in depth experience that takes you from start to finish of a bespoke piece just for you. The process of designing an artful piece of clothing requires a basic understanding of your personality and body type. It also requires trusting and collaborative interaction. Brooks strives to understand your clothing needs and your lifestyle (YES, includes denim pieces) so she can create the perfect-fitting magical garment for you. Great relationships happen when there is a sense of creativity, fun, and a challenge. This is what Brooks strives for with every design.

Marge’s goal was to have a dress that matched her cherished necklace.

“It was a dream to have a small idea and work with Brooks to turn it into a huge reality (one that got featured in Vogue!).” Cheryl Engelhardt/CBE Music

Hilary wanted an interesting color and durable silk fabric.  Pockets were a must.

Ellen wanted a strapless dress, we customized it with hand painted details in her color range.

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